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Rogers Laban, CPA's & FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Palmetto WealthCARE LLC, uses 1st Global Capital Corp. for its broker-dealer and business partner for financial services.

1st Global was founded in 1992 as a diversified financial services firm and is now recognized as one of the most prominent firms of its kind working within the tax and accounting professions. Its network of professional financial advisers (approximately 1,400) serves individuals, businesses, trustees of foundations and endowments, municipalities, retirement plans and other entities.

1st Global works closely with its financial advisers as a support network to offer their clients quality investment, insurance, estate and retirement planning services. Intensive training, access to a variety of resources, and personal support help give the clients the kind of value they deserve.

Rogers Laban, as a 1st Global financial adviser has the backing of a knowledgeable team of financial service professionals at the home office and in branch offices across America. The Dallas headquarters and training facility provide various course work to keep financial advisers educated so they can provide the best service possible. In additional, regional support teams offer networking and training opportunities.

1st Global does not offer any proprietary products as many investment firms do. Instead, 1st Global, after much due diligence, enters into selling agreements with the major providers of financial products. These products are available to the 1st Global financial advisers network to offer to their clients.

Rogers Laban, PA currently has individuals licensed to offer securities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, Virginia, and Florida. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.

Securities offered through 1st Global Capital Corp., Member FINRA SIPC Investment advisory services offered through 1st Global Advisors, Inc. We currently have individuals licensed to offer securities in the states of SC, FL, CO, KA, VA, and NC. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.